Stop Nonsense Wall Price

Here at Alfa walls we are your fencing installer of choice. Does not matter if you are in Pretoria, Johannesburg or West rand, we can do your stop nonsense, palisade fencing and precast walling anywhere, even east rand walling.

Our palisade fencing and stop nonsense walls are at low-low prices. Our stop nonsense walls and fence pricelist our available online. Stop nonsense prices for loose material and precast houses are quoted for free. So contact us for your precast walls and stop nonsense house price.

Did you know that our precast walls price and stop nonsense concrete houses prices are VAT included? Our fencing material can even be bought as loose material.  Prefab walls, wall fence and fence for sale, are common questions we receive. We at alfa walls do not do precast concrete slabs for double storey housing.

We always have second hand precast walls for sale.

How much is stop nonsense ? Please tel us you, location, height needed and length. Also what tipe of precast walling. We wil supply you with a fencing material price list.


Our slab construction is done with the best aggregate, cement and reinforcing steel. Come see our product at one of our three branches, Pretoria east, Pretoria North and Johannesburg South.

Please see our online gallery at for our stop nonsense designs. We do a lot of extend a wall. Our extend a wall of a precast concrete wall is fast and cost effective. Our walling, precast concrete walls and stop nonsense house or even vibracrete wall are well worth a look. So call alfa beton mure today for your qoute!


Phone Renier know at 082 950 1980

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